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Based on a recent Harvard University study, people are leaving companies, mainly because of long commute time. In Bucharest, the worst European capital from the traffic perspective, the average time spent in traffic per day is 70 minutes. One of the most convenient solutions is to let employees work from home one day per week.

But WFH* does not work!

The majority of people are actually just online working on other projects or watching Netflix.

We have seen this in what we called “the biggest work from home experiment in history”. During the Covid-19 crises, we have asked more then 1000 people how it is to work from home. The conclusion was that WFH is not very productive, as there are too many distractions.

*Work From Home

Solution: Work from aSpace!

Sometimes, in order to see things differently, we have to break our routine. Allow your employees to work once per week in a different location. It can make wonders! We have directors coming in the aSpace locations to be away from their loud teams, so that they can concentrate on new projects or to plan the next quarter. Also, with our three locations, we are closer to your employees houses, which means less time in traffic, which means happy employees.

Our locations




Barbu Vacarescu

Global City Pipera

AFI Cotroceni


€2.000 + VAT

per month
  • 50 people/week
  • (9,5 EUR/person/day)
  • 20h/month of usage of meeting rooms;


€1.500 + VAT

per month
  • 35 people/week
  • (10,2 EUR/person/day)
  • 15h/month of usage of meeting rooms;

€900 + VAT

per month
  • 20 people/week
  • (10,7 EUR/person/day)
  • 9h/month of usage of meeting rooms;

€500 + VAT

per month
  • 10 people/week
  • (11,9 EUR/person/day)
  • 5h/month of usage of meeting rooms;
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Our 6 Locations

aSpace Băneasa

București – Ploiești Street, No. 19-21, District 1, Bucharest

aSpace Romană

Bd. Dacia No. 20, District 1, Bucharest

aSpace Pipera

Șos. București Nord, No. 10, Voluntari

aSpace Floreasca

Banul Antonache Street, No. 40-44, District 1, Bucharest

aSpace Aviației

Șos. Barbu Văcărescu 301-311, 5th floor, District 2, Bucharest

aSpace Cotroceni

Bd. Doina Cornea, AFI Park 1,  District 6, Bucharest

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