About us

aSpace was founded in early 2018, with the desire to create a suitable environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers that operate in Romania. The development of Bucharest brought with it an urban agglomeration that is difficult to control, and traffic is one of the biggest issues. Therefore, we have created these co-working spaces in the best locations of the town.

In the course of these last 5 years, we have managed to open four workspaces, and the aSpace community could not be more diverse and interesting than this.

Today aSpace is the ideal partner for over 300 local and international companies that want to develop in Romania.

  • February
    aSpace Băneasa
  • November
    aSpace Floreasca
  • January
    Extension aSpace Baneasa
  • March
    aSpace Romana
  • September
    First extension aSpace Floreasca
  • April
    Second extension aSpace Floreasca
  • October
    aSpace Barbu Vacarescu

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