February 2023, Bucharest, Romania

 aSpace, the most flexible co-working space provider in Bucharest, proudly announces a significant milestone in its journey with a comprehensive rebranding initiative. The rebranding encompasses a fresh visual identity for the logo, complemented by a new motivational motto, symbolizing the evolution of aSpace’s business since its inception in 2018

From its beginnings with a single location in Băneasa in 2018, aSpace has expanded its footprint to six prime locations in 2023, marking a remarkable journey of growth and success.

The Logo

The new logo, prominently featuring a stylized arrow which is a continuation of its preview’s visual identity, depicts the aSpace’s upward trajectory and resonates with the collective growth of its diverse clientele.

The New Motto is not just a motto, but the team’s mantra as well.

aSpace introduces a powerful new motto, “Keep Working,” reflecting not only the spirit of the company but also extending as advice to its community, partners, and customers. This mantra is a call to action, encouraging everyone associated with aSpace to stay focused on their objectives, work diligently, and persevere in building the dreams, businesses, and lives they aspire to.

What’s next?

“We are excited for the future”, said the CEO of aSpace, Bogdan Mariniuc. “aSpace continues to grow, and the focus of the entire team on the quality of services offered to our customers is what makes the difference. We have opened 6 locations in 5 years and although our plans do not stop here, we aim to stabilize our position in the market in 2024. The rebranding announced today reflects aSpace’s progress and our desire for continued development.”

This rebranding effort was executed in collaboration with Strevis, an agency known for its expertise in delivering creative and strategic branding solutions.

For media inquiries, please contact: contact@aspace.ro

About aSpace:

 aSpace is a leading co-working space provider that has evolved from a single office in 2018 to six thriving locations in 2023. Committed to fostering growth and success, aSpace provides innovative and collaborative workspaces for a diverse community of professionals. Learn more at www.aspace.ro